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Professional Development Trainings   

Professional Development Trainings

Smart Way Solutions provides a variety of trainings online and in person for early childhood professionals. Each year schools across the U.S. receive thousands of young children who simply aren't ready to succeed in the learning process. Early childhood educators can make the difference by ensuring children will transition smoothly into the academic setting by supporting them in early childhood development. Studies show early stimulation involving learning experiences prepares the way for later growth and development.

Children's social and emotional development as well as fine and gross motor skills should be strengthen during these early years. Therefore, young children should receive experiences that are fun, meaningful, and are intentional for helping them to develop the skills they need for later success. "Contemporary brain research proves that both gross and fine motor skill development are related to brain development" (Washington, 2013, p.133). Children who receive a lack of these stimulations have a difficult time in making connection for later learning.


Smart Way Solutions strives to provide services that cover critical knowledge about how children learn. Through our trainings you will receive the overall knowledge to  gain practical understanding of how children learn and grow. It is our hope that we will inspire improvement in your overall practice. 


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